Posted by: rosanneromero | March 17, 2015

Pull Up the Drawbridge

I walk with a slight limp from a really bad fall in the ancient ages.  Its just too messy to explain how this limp came to be — even to those who saw it happen.  They ask  incredulously — “You still have a limp from that fall?”.

I’m tired. I’m disappointed.  So I’m crossing over my moat and I’m pulling up the drawbridge.    I’ll keep myself scarce … that’s to preserve whatever’s left of my equilibrium.  And some people might attempt to cross the moat and pry open the drawbridge and say “what’s wrong? You can talk to us.”    But before they finish their spiel, the  little piranhas in the moat will take care of them for me.

Note to self:  Get over it.  People.  And the limp.




  1. I got here in the end. Three years divorcing a man who has caused me so much heartache and pain. I am now with someone wonderful but I find that my defences building up around me. I am so afraid to be hurt again and yet I cannot help but fall in love so deeply once again. But I am a bundle of contradictions because much as I love, I also pull back.

    Pull up the drawbridge you say, but I also hate being so guarded because life is too short to be afraid and to always doubt.

    • Pinky! Where are you?!?

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