Posted by: rosanneromero | February 15, 2012

Superman Isn’t Brave

Meet my friend Issa.

Issa has a detached retina driven so by diabetes and she is losing her sight.  There are other complications of diabetes that are truly frightening.  But for Issa, going blind,  tops the list.

Meet another friend, Celia.  Her son has a rare complication of encephalitis and he is dying slowly, while she watches.   It came when he was only  six.  He’s been saying goodbye for a long time.  He’ll move to be an angel, that’s for sure, but that doesn’t make it less sad for Celia.

Meet Benedict.  He has liver cancer.  He now has three tubes in his liver.  He still goes to work. And not many people know how bad he is.  His greatest challenge is this:  … he doesn’t know how to tell his only son that he is a dying man.  His son is old enough to understand what cancer is, but too young to assume his post as head of the family..

Meet Rose. Both her legs were amputated from the hip level..  Stop here and picture that.  No legs after the lower hip line.  She uses her arms to walk.  She is married and has a child.  She manages a household like the rest of us. Rose does everyday chores like cooking, cleaning and laundering. Only — without legs. When her mother died, her father ( who has Alzheimer’s) had to move in with her.  Along with her younger brother (who, hear this, is  severely retarded.)

Needless to say, her husband is a gem of a man. If at any point, he said “This is too much”,   people would have understood.  Probably not just understood,  but would have totally agreed with him.  But if he had taken that stand,   legless Rose would not have been able to help her father and her brother.

Many times,  people have asked her “Rose, how do you do it?”  Her reply?  “I don’t know…you just do.”  Sigh.                                                                                                                                                      

Meet countless other people who live  very difficult lives.   Ahhhh, I see your antennas coming up. You’re asking —Have they checked the sins in their family tree?  Do they pray?  Do they have faith?   Keep that spiritual checklist to yourself.   You may need it more than they.  Don’t preach to them about having faith or about prayer.  They’re braver than you and me.

Someone once mused,   “Superman isn’t brave”.  As I watch these people live their lives, I realize just how true that line is.  Superman isn’t brave.  You can’t be considered  brave if you know you are indestructible. Its people like them who are brave.  They know they are not indestructible.  They know they can easily be defeated, but they fight anyway.

They wince, they flinch, they cry when they’re hit.  But they keep on keeping on.  They’re the kind of brave that people don’t clap for. They don’t get awarded medals.  Their names aren’t called to go up on stage.  But one thing is sure.  God applauds them.  Their lives are not pointless because God  uses their life, their adversity to speak into the lives of others.

Courage is a grace that can only come from having a relationship with God.  .   Let Psalm 145:14 explain it to you “The Lord lifts the fallen and those bent beneath their loads”.



  1. Osang…as you have just said, life is terminal. The only 2 things we can take away from what you have said is that you have the power in you to feel better. Who knows when our time is up. With the end in mind, because we will all die in the end, some swiftly taken away and others slowly. However long it takes, remember life is too short. Do ALL the things that is within your power to make your life and other people’s lives happier and better.

  2. My student is calling me Osang? Gosh, if my department head were around, she’d be mad at me again “keep some distance from the students Ms Castillo.’

    Today wasn’t too good and its some comfort to find a comment on this one, this particular article. .Truth to tell, this is an article CLOSEST to my heart, Pinky. Thank you for responding to it. You can’t be considered brave if you know you’re indestructible.

  3. Roseanne, I wonder how you are doing. I have admired you from afar while reading your articles in Kerygma back then.

  4. Rosanne, sorry for the typo on the name earlier…. I hope that you will write again. Miss it!!

  5. Jen, ang entry mo came at 2am! What are you, an owl? Why are you still up at that time?

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