Rosanne Romero is a Kerygma columnist and author of Amusing Grace, a book of short musings on faith, family and how to find God in the midst of sickness and crazy days.  Having sold nearly 10,000 copies, Rosanne continues to reach men and women of all ages with her unique “absolutely, totally human” approach to Christianity.  Rosanne Romero has given lectures on handling adversity throughout the Philippines.  At home though, she is mother to two girls and a dog (Rinka, Becca and Goober, respectively –do not mix up) and wife to management and organizational development consultant, Omy Romero.



  1. Hello Ms. Rosanne.

    • Hi Mabel! How is cheverlee?

  2. Fantastic idea to come up with this hi-tech way of hearing your thoughts on different aspects of life, given in your amazing and amusing style! Keep them coming, please :o)

    I’ll be sending this to family and friends who will surely benefit from it just as much as I do!

  3. Hey, Rossie! These are pretty good stuff! I didn’t see a generic “leave a comment” section…and so, I found this!

    Suggest you write about your latest experience as the anxious mother-of-the-bride and wife of a distraught father-of-the-bride. That should really be an eye-popper and may offer refreshing insights to readers in a similar situation. It isn’t everyday that you get to experience a daughter’s wedding…an a wedding that’s closest to your heart other than your own.

    Will look forward to more exciting and interesting articles!

    Sensia….ShenXia the Warrior Princess…Cynch

    • ShenXia is how one of our teachers would have pronounced your name…Mishish vera crush…ShenXia, all you have to do is go to the end of an article or a post, and click on no comment yet or click on comment and , viola, a box will open for you to put a message in.

  4. Hi, Rosanne. Thank you for all your articles. I am a fan, very much so. Your book ‘Amusing Grace’ is reduced to loose papers folded and marked (is the term dog-eared?) in my favorite room where I am sure no one can disturb me. Not that I can relate to you in terms of your Christian level (am in bottom rung of work in progress). I am also a mom, attending to a business, and trying to look for God’s message in every patience testing situation. I have to confess that I feel guilty having shared your articles in our 2 email blasts (CLP-CFC Dubai) to our audience. They were with full attribution. I didn’t know that what I should have done of course is just to browse you in the net. And I could have easily contacted you. Do you have an email address? From a mom’s heart to another mom’s heart: I salute you!

  5. Hey Muma what yew up to?

  6. Hey, just stumbled on this web site from digg. It’s not something I would typically read, but I liked your perspective on it. Thanx for making something worth reading!

    • Tarah Ingersol, hello.

  7. Hello, Ms. Roseanne!
    Just wanted you to know – I have a copy of “Amusing Grace” and it continues to be a source of strength and warmth at times when I feel most alone… Thank you for the warm hug your words continue to give me when I need it most. God bless! (I am reminded of the statement, “God’s strength is perfected in our weakness.” May we continue to grow in love and faith.

    • Hi Mely…is this Mely Tanquintic?

      • Hi, Miss Roseanne!
        My full name is Romelda Frances M. Escaño, and my nickname is Meli. I work here at the City Mayor’s Office in Baguio. I hold the senior permanent item in the office – Labor and Employment Officer III. The sunflower pic at the top of your page caught my eye. I know from your book that you love sunflowers – how they tilt their bright, smiling faces up at the sun as it traces its course through the sky. You also asked that we pray that you “keep your eyes on the Maker” at all times (very like the sunflower!) – even in the midst of the ravages of MS. My prayers are always with you! That I can assure you of…Baguio actually has a “special spot” in its heart for the sunflower. It is no accident that the city has chosen it as the symbol for its “Panagbenga” or “Flower” Festival.
        “Panagbenga” is an Ibaloi word which, roughly translated, means “a season for blooming.” But this is a mere linguistic approximation, because the word actually carries various nuances of meaning and shades of definition. It stands not only for “physical/ external blooming” but for rebirth, the promise of new life, the springing forth of a rejuvenated spirit!
        In my heart of hearts, I pray that the “Panagbenga” spirit stay with you today and always!
        How are you, po? Even if I haven’t met you nor personally know you, I want to assure you that my prayers ARE there – helping to keep you up, in my own small way!
        With love from Baguio (it’s getting colder out here!),
        P.S. I also prayed to my guardian angel so that he can talk to your guardian angel. That way, they can share the load and divvy up the “shifts” – so, there’ll be an extra helping hand to keep watch over you in moments when you might need it most! God bless!

  8. Hi Meli! My husband is from Baguio! He’s the son of deceased ex vice mayor Antonio. S Romero. Yes, I love the sunflowers in Baguio. Once pa lang ako nakapunta diyan for the flower festival. Whenever we go up, we stay with his sister Emily Bogayong…you may know each other because they have lived in Baguio their whole life.

    Salamat sa dasal mo at salamat sa special request sa guardian angels!

  9. Hi, Ms. Roseanne!
    How small the world really is! And wonders do never cease! How is your sister-in-law related to Dr. Bogayong, the lay minister at the Holy Spirit Adoration Convent/ Pink Sisters? Their beautiful daughter, Regina, is a friend. Oh, and I live close to Pink Sisters – walking distance, actually.
    Coming to Baguio during the Panagbenga Season nowadays is not for the faint of heart… One has to contend with atrocious traffic, dense crowds and whatnot… Best to come during the “off season” – mid-January or thereabouts when the temperature really dips and we get weird cold spells which alternate with searing-hot noontimes – a “Philippine-ized” version of Indian Summer! (Er, just a little correction. I do not hold the senior post in the Mayor’s Office, but in the Public Employment Service Office [PESO] – which is a unit of the Mayor’s Office, ahem!)

    Too bad I came to the City Government too late to experience the late Sir Tony Romero’s brand of leadership… From what I gather he was a staunch, no-nonsense leader – a true advocate of selfless public service.
    I joined the city some 12-odd years ago. After graduating from St. Louis University in 1990 with a Communication Arts/ English Litt. degree under my belt, my first foray into the world of work was – naturally, as a teacher.
    Funny, because I swore that I’d never be one! You see, my parents were public school teachers and I saw how difficult it was to be one. But – ce la vie! Life, as the saying goes, is what happens when we’re busy making other plans…

    I first taught at UP College Baguio (now known as UP Baguio;) after which I took up my Master’s Degree in Literature/ Linguistics.
    I then spent some time in Manila, working as Public Relations Officer in the Dept. of Energy at Fort Bonifacio. I stayed long enough in DOE to witness the transition between two Secretaries – Sec. Delfin L. Lazaro and Sec. Francisco Lopez Viray. After my stint in Manila, I worked as a Lay Missionary teacher in the foreign schools run by the SVDs (Societas Verbi Divini/ Society of the Divine Word) but my longest posting was at the small islands of Melanesia and Micronesia, particularly Papua New Guinea.

    I know – this is becoming a lengthy novelette of sorts. I’m just driven by my desire to be a friend to you – not just some nameless, faceless entity firing off replies on a keyboard to you. This way, some added patina of warmth may be added to our somewhat “quirky” correspondence.

    Please tell me when you plan to visit Baguio next. Maybe then, I can give you my hug personally and for real – and not just verbally or electronically! I hope that you will consider me as a friend of sorts from now on. I may not be physically around you, but you are always held in my thoughts. (Whatever your problems in balance or mobility are, I am constantly sending you my warm thoughts and prayers to help bouy you up and help keep you on an even keel. You will never know just how much YOUR own words and thoughts have bouyed ME up! And friends do just that, right? – reciprocate each other’s good deeds…)

    May your days be always filled with a sunflower’s beams!

    In love and faith,

  10. Meli, what a truly heartwarming letter! Funny, how we were moving around common circles….my husband studied in UP Baguio. But Omy’s sister is not married to Dr Bogayong,..the Bogayong she married taught in SLU. Their children also studied there —Terence, Karen, Karl and Lizelle. Baka may kabatch ka diyan.

    Pray tell, how did you learn about my book and this blog?

    We aim to come up with my second book but the financiers wanted to see if after the long lull from the first book, if there’d be people still interested…hence the creation of this blog. But as you can see, it doesn’t have that many visitors…so no second book for now.

    Have to wind up here. Visit this place as often as you want. Thanks Meli for encouraging me.


  11. Hi, Ms. Roseanne!

    Yes, it is very likely that one of the Bogayong kids is a batch mate. the family is one of the most respected here in the city. it is good to know that our distance 9physical or otherwise!) has decreased by a factor of at least 100 kilometers simply by my breathjing the same air as your husband’s kin!(Ok – now I’m taking a good lungful of the cold Baguio air with the comforting knowledge that i live in the same city as the Bogayongs! it’s a windy, frowzy, cloudy day out here! Brrrr!!! I was born and raised here and quite used to cold weather; so when i say I feel cold, it MUST really be cold!)

    I’ve been an intermittent ‘Kerygma” reader for years now. (Now, I’m hanging my head and admitting that I’m not a regular subscriber…) But the fact that I’m not a regular reader all the more adds to my sense of excitement every time I come across a copy. Once a “Kerygma” issue gets into my hands, I flip eagerly through the sections and immediately set my eyes on ‘Kitchen Scribbles!” (very like the way i barely skim through the sections of the daily newspaper and immediately pounce on the crossword puzzles at the bottom half of the “Entertainment” Section!)

    Some years back, while I was at National Book Store purchasing a birthday card for my niece, i saw a small, slim tome resting on one of the store’s shlelves. what caught my eye was the title – and your name. i lost no time in buying one.

    Why do i love reading “Kitchen Scribbles?” Hmmnnn… Maybe it would be more to the point to ask why I love to read YOUR writing… Let me see… (This is going to be long, so please bear with me.) First, there’s the PERSPECTIVE or POINT-OF-VIEW. For me, the charm in your writing lies in the fact that it is written from an earthy/ earth-bound point-of-view. Your pieces show me that the search for a deeper realtionship with our Maker begins with humility – the realization of one’s imperfections; that even the mundane and inconsequential holds the touch of the Almighty’s providence; that it’s ok for me to have “feet of clay,” to be imperfect; that true wisdom is not always borne out of grandiose, life-changing, earth-shaking “light-bulb” experiences but can come out of the simplest and most commonplace of moments.

    Secondly, there’s the TONE. Unlike other writers, you never condescend ot ‘talk down” to your readers. i feel that you are taking my hand, walking beside me and not ahead of me, in this journey – this search for a life well-lived. You see, other writers take the ‘uppity” or “holier than thou” stance, which tends to make the reader awed, but feeling small. You, on the other hand, give personal accounts of experiences which your readers themselves have gone, or are going, through. You are telling us that we are not alone, that you are also facing the same challenges we face – and then some!

    Third, there’s the HUMOR. Your thoughts, while gently and wistfully channeling our own thoughts to a more profound realization of our Lord’s Providence, are set against the context of a totally unpretentious and spontaneous human response to situations which truly are funny! (Consider your anecdote about how, one day, you stopped in your tracks even in the midst of prayer just to grab a can of hairspray and “experiment” on its effect on an insect – liberally spraying the poor creature with several coats until it was nicely glazed – and dead! Now THAT made me laugh! Many’s the time when my own thoughts wandered away while I was at prayer; i was distracted by an itch on my nose, or the thought of something or someone sudenly barged into my consciousness so that all other intentions were driven away!

    Some might say that good writers must have the ability to make their readers “escape” reality by ushering yhem into a totally different world where they can forget their troubles. I dare to say NOT always. For me, the best writers are able to make their readers face reality with a better mindset, a better will, a renewed motivation to do good and be better. You see, it is easier to invent fiction; but to write about that which is real and stark and find beauty even in drudgery – now THAT takes real spunk, and compassion. So, i love reading your pieces because you don’t make me feel that I have to be someone else. In other words, you make me want to be me – only, a BETTER me.

    One day last week i was having a diffult day at work. (N.B. It is especially difficult for me here because my environment is highly political. I am constantly walking a tightrope where I have to juggle my personal values, public accountability and the whims and caprices of an elected official who really has a personal motive behind his/ her decision/s.) I think my Guardian Angel then popped the thought about the piece you wrote about dealing wit the ravages of MS. I thought of you gluing on the sole of your left shoe onto your left foot! I stopped short. I was so ashamed …. I was internally grumbling and fuming about my situation when other people have to deal with even more difficult circumstances constantly and on a daily basis…

    It was at that moment when a small, barely audible inner voice prompted me to type in “Amusing Grace” on google’s search bar. I visited the links shown – and voila! i came upon your blog. I firmly beleve that there are really no accidents in life. The Maker’s hand led me to this site. I am thankful that He led me to you…

    Now, of all the few prized possessions I have, the chance the Maker has given me to know you is most valuable; not only for who you are but for the better person I am because of you!

    Thank you for making me want to be a BETTER me!

    With love (and a sunflower’s promise of sunny weather!)

    • Dear,dear Meli,

      I lay awake thinking about your letter. The book saw print in 2001. And although it sold several thousand pieces, no one who’s bought my book ever ever ever gave me feedback like yours. It honored me! Really…to the point I thought. “who is this Meli?” And how old are you anyway?

      I find it strange how you describe my book, my writing as you have. To me, it’s just been a dream that someone would so resonate with stuff I write. Especially since I’m not a bona fide writer…I wasn’t schooled. The only writing I actually did was write essays for school work …and journals…I’ve been journalling since grade 7 … When journalling wasn’t an in thing yet. I called my journals rain notebooks. Had them all the way till college…hahaha burned most of them already because I hate to think anybody would pore over them when I’m dead.

      You are, as I said unreal. Like something I’ve secretly wished in my head. A unicorn!

      Honored by you,

  12. Dear Ms. Rosanne, I am a fan of yours and I also happen to be your husband:). Seriously, I love reading your articles and listening to your audio book. When I’m away on a trip, I make it a point to have your audio book play on my iPod. That way, you are present to me. What you don’t realize (or forget often) is how many people have told me that they read your book in one sitting. Almost everyone gave the verbatim comment that they just couldn’t put your book down. And many have said that they’ve been helped by the fresh perspective you gave them in facing their life journeys. Keep on writing Ms. Rosanne. I’ll be here to help you launch book number 2: Amusing Grace – a Second Serving?

    • hi. did you go to the place where my entries are or just here in “: about”? Thanks, Omy.

  13. Hi Roseanne,
    I came to know about you this afternoon while you and your daughter were guesting on the TV talk show hosted by Consul Ablan. TV watching is the last thing i ever do so i can only say my joining my first born son Michael to listen to you could only have been spirit-led. It was the tail-end of the show but the portion i was able to watch was very inspiring nonetheless.

    I will get a copy of your book “Amusing Grace” this week-end. You can count this grandma of four among your fans from hereon.


    • Hi Maryheart. Thank you for bothering to write me!

      Would you believe, I have not seen that interview? Our cable server does not have GNN so I have not seen it. Now I’m curious — how did you find this blog naman?

      If you are in Manila, you can call Shepherd’s Voice Publication to order the book. They may still have a few copies left. There are no more copies available in the local bookstores like National or Powerbooks. If not, let me know, I’ll look for a copy for you. 🙂

    • Hi! I replied at the Amusing Grace Online. Howd you find this blog? Did Consul Ablan mention it? What you saw is a replay…can”t recall when we were interviewed.Talk to you later getting dinner ready.

  14. Hi Ms. Rosanne..I am a fan of kitchen scribbles..When i was able to buy a copy of kerygma (august 2013 issue) yesterday. Its like almost a year that I have not seen a copy of the magazine..I was surprised kitchen scribbles is no longer there..I’m praying you are okey..Hope to hear from you soon..God bless always


    • Hi Juliet, glad to receive something from you. I still write for Kerygma but not monthly anymore because they now have more writers. Kaya Hindi na monthly yung Kitchen Scribbles. You can write me at rosanne.romero@ gmail.com. Or I have an FB account if you just want to make sabat…my name is guber romero on Facebook. Goober is actually my dog and wall along slam as Facebook…but my nephew in grade school created this account for my dog.

  15. […] Selene Lee-Yu (Businesswoman. Cancer-conqueror) Rosanne Romero (Author of “Amusing Grace”) Ditas Espanol (Co-director of Light of Jesus Pastoral Care […]

  16. Hi Ms. Rossanne,

    Good afternoon.

    I learned from one of my friends that you also have multiple sclerosis. She learned it from the conference she recently attended from that she remember my MS journey.

    I’m diagnosed more than two years ago before I turn 28. Despite all the disturbing or unique symptoms I keep trusting our God. And by November 2014 I’m diagnosed with relapse-remitting MS type. Our God is big. Bigger than MS. By God’s grace I’m still working as associate analyst though my brain’s left hemisphere is first seen with multiple scars and logic is being controlled by that. Let’s just keep trusting God.

    I will also look for your book and will read it. God willing we’ll meet. It’s first time for me to know that there’s also someone who has also MS and leaves here in the Philippines. I will include you also in my prayers.

    God bless 🙂

  17. Hello Camille! Thank you for taking the time to reach me here. I will be giving a talk again tomorrow in the Alabang area and I would be glad if you could make it. It’s at the Amistosa Clubhouse inside the Tierre Nueva Village along Alabang Zapote road at 7pm. Sana makarating ka. You can check out my Facebook post.

  18. Hi, Mam Rosanne

    We would like to invite you to give a talk to our group. Would you be available on October 10 po?

    I’ll indicate here my contact details.

    • Omygulay Connie. I saw this only now. I’m so sorry to make you feel ignored!

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