Posted by: rosanneromero | April 4, 2016

Finishing Well

Hilarious what some people prescribe.   As most of you already know,  I’m sick with MS.  And because of that,  people like to fix me.  You know, like I’m their special project.

I have been  prodded,coaxed, cajoled, badgered  to take in  suggestions.  Often having to do with  consulting  this or that  one special herb doctor.  One insists  that the herbalist  in Batanes is more superior to the one that holds clinic in Chinatown.  Another swears, the bestest is the  guy who can tell me what disease I have just by holding my hands and feeling my pulse.

Other curious sure-cures had to do with concocting strange brews.   Once, I was   gifted  with 6 rocks.  I was to solemnly and meditatively  boil and distill  the rocks and drink it  daily.    Another one urged me  to gather pancit-pancitan  from the slopes of Taal (groan!) and brew it as a tonic.  This next one, takes the cake!   I was told that  eating certain crawling animals were good for curing chronic diseases.  Not just curing ailments, but for gaining the skills and the “spirit” of that animal.  To be specific, the crawling animal referred to here is the butiki.  The instructions were fairly simple: Catch, roast, pulverize, dissolve in boiling water and gulp down.  Within a week, the disease would be gone.  I didn’t believe that for a second — and I suppose, neither would you.  I don’t picture myself catching and roasting house lizards.  Let alone, drink them!  I’m not interested in catching their spirit either.  I don’t care to live my life  promenading  ceilings and circling flourescent bulbs.

At  the start? —   I took   everything in  because  as a child, I was always chided:   “Rosanne! Don’t be chongga!”   I thought then that chongga must be  female for chonggo and chonngo is you know what.  What it really meant was — Be polite, be nice and oblige.

The effect of that was, I got tossed north to south, east to west.  Physical pain is not the worst of MS.  There’s frustration, dismay and a sense of defeatedness that must be addressed..  Allowing myself to be dragged here  and there,  just made it worse.  I asked God for grace to pull myself together. Isaiah 41 gave me back my focus… “So do not fear for I am with you.  Neither be dismayed, for I am your God.”

At some point, I learned to say NO.  MS takes only  a segment of my life.  It’s not what my whole existence is about.   Life is good.   I have an excellent neurologist.  I have an alternative medicine doctor who helps me with the more common symptoms of MS and who most importantly respects my neurologist’s inputs.  I am kept abreast of world-wide research on MS.  (Butikis , live or roasted, are not in any of them.) I’m no longer in a panic for  astonishing  miracle cures.  Go for it, if you want..  Just leave me out of it.  God’s given me my balance back.

Life is terminal. I don’t need to find a way to change immutable laws like that.

What I need is to acknowledge that my life is in His hands (what a great thing) and I only  need to finish well.



  1. Why, oh, why, does HE make other people’s lives seem easier? I remember what one pastor (Os Hillman) who shared: To a believer, God usually allows struggles/trials to happen to prepare him for a ministry. The bigger the trial, the bigger the calling/the ministry. So despite the unsolicited words of wisdom (even wish-dom), and with a painful MS. or back-breaking struggle, Finishing Well is indeed a great calling. God will give us the grace to finish well. Why not? He promised.

    I accept the offer of a cup of tea and coffee.

  2. Thanks for this, Rosanne. I know I need to finish well. And blessed be He who Himself will bring to completion what He has started in us!

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