Posted by: rosanneromero | October 27, 2015

A Sacred Walk To The Finish Line

There are days that I stew about what MS has taken from me. I throw in all that negative stuff into a slow cooker and set it to stew for ten million hours until it turns into the yummy and delectable Pity Stew.

October 1 was one such day.

My stew was boiling tough , leathery cuts of meat such as, how Omy and I now have different concerns — owing to Multiple Sclerosis. And how for us, the playing field has changed. If a basketball game, we’re in the benches — not contributing points that are the norm. If a baseball game, we’re not out in the “service” field hitting home runs like we used to. I feel like I’m in the ranks of the fat and lazy cow sitting by the roadside…. always asking to be excused.

Anyway, as I was stewing, I read about a special run. I learned that this was a UNICEF event to extend more help to children with disabilities. Spur of the moment, I signed up online.


There’s something worse than being disabled and chronically ill. It is being disabled and chronically ill — at a young agerace. I thought it might be a good thing to show the young children that you can rise above disability, above chronic illness. That being limited, being constrained doesn’t have to be the end of you. I think I’d be a good audio visual on this. A half kilometer walk would be pathetic to others who can run 5k straight. But not to me.

I got on the phone and clarified just two points.
I said ” I know this is a run, but the most I can do is kind of walk…with a walker. Can I still be part of this?” She said, “Of course.” And. “Do I need to finish the half kilometer category in a given time? Answer: “Of course not. What matters is you keep going till you get to the finish line”.

I want this to be a metaphor for my life. That it’s not about the speed or skill with which I do my life. Its not about shooting that ball every single time, or about fantastic sprints or about hitting home runs.

Its about a dogged and sacred walk to the finish line.Sacred and dogged walk to the finish line


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