Posted by: rosanneromero | July 30, 2011

More Critical Than Being Fed

I picked up a beautiful quote from my friend Sally Z.

‎”There are times when being truly listened to is more critical than being fed… Children speak their pain automatically when there is a listener, but learn to hide it when there is no ear to hear.”

I agreed that it held true for all ages.  I began to share the quote with a few other friends.  And we all clucked our tongues, shook our heads and made remarks about how people don’t really listen anymore.  People like to listen fast and short.   They ask  how things are and as soon as you talk, you notice a glazed look in their eyes and you just know for certain they’re not there anymore. Why do they bother to ask, I wonder.

But listen to this.

This morning, as we were sorting clothes for laundry, I asked my labanders “Kumusta?”

She began to tell me that her son had had a seizure from high fever the day before.  Distractedly, I looked up from my pile and said   “Ay, ganun?   Ahm…(pause, blink-blink) ano na nga magandang suka ang ginagamit sa kinilaw?”.   Shame on me!  Totally random.  And totally un-listening.    She was sharing her anxiety about a seizure and I wanted to know what vinegar to use on a dish.

Ofcourse I tried to recover by asking more details (about the seizure, that is — not the vinegar).  But it was lame.  It shamed me that I was doing exactly what I had just renounced.

Sigh.  Dear Lord, I talk too much.  Grace me to walk my talk.



  1. wish you’d write again ms. Romero 🙂 kerygma is different without you … and Ton Sison. Hope you’ve been well.

    • What a pleasant surprise to find this note from you. I still write for Kerygma…but no longer every month…I’m sure you’ve noticed there’s been a shift in the type of articles.

      Am so flattered you’re writing me to ask me to write again. I will redo this blog just as soon as I finish helping my mom out with some family issues.

      Oh and dont call me Ms Romero. Call me Rosanne.

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