Posted by: rosanneromero | July 23, 2010

What Makes For Keen Hearing?

When my husband is away on a trip, there are nights (SOME nights) I sit up in the wee hours straining my ears for some strange noises. Was that a crackling noise — maybe the iron got left plugged and the ironing board is burning? Was that a hissing sound — maybe the gas tank is leaking and if I so much as turn the knob, the house will explode? Did I hear footsteps outside? Is a doorknob being turned? Have I been watching too much CSI?

If you put your mind to it, your sense of hearing can be very keen.

A priest gave this anecdote at mass. He told a story about two men who walked into a room full of other people talking, some laughing boisterously and some in heated discourse.

While taking his plate of hors d’ oeuvres, the first man cocks his head and says “Can you hear that beautiful music?”

The second man replied “How can you hear piped in music in a place like this full of noise?”

The first man explained “I’m a musician and I love classical music.
So when music plays, wherever it plays, I detect it.”

To make it more plain, he said, “Watch this.”

He pulled out his cellphone and made it ring a common ring tone. Almost everyone in the room stopped talking, and each pulled out their cellphones.

It was uncanny.

He explained that even if his ringtone wasn’t louder than all the voices, people heard it. They heard it and impulsively checked their phones. They must be businessmen waiting for an important call.

He said “You hear what you’re listening for”

The priest went on to expound that that is the reason some people hear God talking to them and some don’t. If you’re poised to listen to His voice, you will hear Him soon as He speaks.

Many times I say that I can’t hear God speak because there’s just too much going on around me. I have a bazillion things to do, I can’t hear Him. Or, I’m not feeling well and this makes it hard to hear God. Or because I’m so annoyed at someone or something, I can only hear my teeth gritting.

But when Omy’s left for a trip, I anticipate his call that will tell me he’s landed safe and sound. So even if I’m at a rally in the streets and there’s too much going on, I’ll hear my ringtone amidst the din. Even if I’m busy or very sick or vexed and gritting my teeth, I’ll hear that ring. I’ll hear it because I’m waiting for it. I’m anticipating it. It’s important that I hear from him, so I’ll hear it.

This anecdote made me see I’m making excuses.
It’s not that I am unable to hear God really. It’s just that I don’t give it that much importance.

As the priest said, If you’re poised to listen to His voice, you will hear Him soon as He speaks.


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