Posted by: rosanneromero | July 9, 2010

Housevork for Zee Housevife

Housework is something you do that NOBODY (but nobody) notices until you forget to do it.  Mind numbing things.  Like, clean the bathroom.  Wipe off the flecks on the bathroom mirror that are flung there from flossing teeth. (blech!).  Clean toilet bowls and from time to time adjust the water lever in its tank or repair the chain inside.  (Yes, blissful single ladies – there’s a chain inside that goes kaput now and then, which, won’t allow a flush when you try to flush.)  Nobody notices how clean combs and hairbrushes are until you forget to do it.  And the toilet paper rolls?    If you forget to replace it, this question will be raised “Don’t we have toilet paper?  Ofcourse we do. .Someone just needs to get a new roll and replace the empty one.  If the fan casing and blades are spanking clean, no one notices.  The one day you forget to clean them, you’ll hear “eeeew, our fans are so dirty!”.  Sometimes as I go around doing chores, I wonder why I went to college if this is all I was going to end up doing.  To think I stressed over Math 11 and Math 14.  And my class in Demography?  Useless.  I did a paper on the book  “The Theory of the Leisure Class” which I thoroughly thoroughly enjoyed but which took months to complete.  Raats,  I only wish it would help me fix the leak in my kitchen sink.



  1. Terinks, someone just told me that in blogs, one is not supposed to identify himself or herself when they make comments? True or False.

  2. False momma.
    Pseudonyms are for creeemeenuls.

  3. Hi Rosie,
    Loved your article…seems like we live in the same house, you and me! My husband and kids think that the household can run by itself. No toilet paper? It will find its way to the bathroom. Dust bunnies under the sofa and beds will accumulate enough fuzz and magically turn into real live bunnies and hop away, leaving the area clean and spotless.
    AS you always say, “how did it became?” Were we always like this? Did we make our moms fret then? Or were we naturally OC already? Maybe it comes with age. Maybe my kids take after my husband…
    In the office, I have staff that I can bully and who pick up after me. But when I get home, I cater to everyone. It is expected of us…we are MOMs…but as much as I would want to leave things as they are and refuse to lift a finger to teach the kids a lesson (as if!), I don’t think I’ll be able to stand it. My kids love living in a pig sty, I don’t think I can!

    • Heleww! So glad there’s one other housevife that agrees with me. When I remember waiting for ikot jeeps or waiting in line for some papers at the inner sanctum of the AS Building in Diliman, I mutter, “WHAT A WASTE OF TIME”.

  4. Tita Chunie: Gosh your kids are messy?! Buti pa me and Becca!!! We’re so….hygienic Mwahahaha mama will throw up

  5. Rinka,

    As your momma said…wait your turn!
    Are hygienic and tidyness synonymous? Hmmmm…
    Children’s states of hygiene are a function of a mother’s belief that everything has to be washed with soap and water, then a good dousing of alcohol and/or Lysol (unless it has to be eaten). We keep you clean and hygienic, no thanks to the kids. If we left you guys to your own devices, God knows how often we would have to rush you to the hospital for diarhhea, food poisoning, typhoid or hepa A!
    Tidyness (at least your version) is all your doing despite years of nagging and picking up after you guys just so that we can set a good example.

    For all we know, it’s filed in your memory banks for you to pull out after you have your own home and kids! Mwahahaha! Soooooooo…
    Dirty or not, tidy or not…we still love you!

  6. Rinketti, now you are a housevife doing housevork. Now you know what it’s like. Mwahahahaha…so nice to gloat.

  7. Hey Rosie,

    You know who is a fan of yours, aside from me, your pay pal, este pen pal……it’s Niniboy, my older brother.
    He is a Kerygma reader.

  8. Hi this blog is great I will be recommending it to friends.

  9. Interesting blog, I’ll try and spread the word.

  10. In our house we have the magic tidy up fairy. I have yet to meet a man who complains of this affliction. Anyone out there…????

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