Posted by: rosanneromero | June 19, 2010

Sorry, there’s no such thing

Once upon a time, there was a father who was too busy to spend time with his children.  Suddenly it hit him — I’m growing old and I don’t really know my children.  He said to them “I’d like to make it up to you.”  Almost all of them hugged him and  said polite things in reply…except for one.

His one son said “There is no such thing.  There is no making up.”

So impolite.  But I loved that remark.  Painful to hear, but entirely true.

What you’ve said, you’ve said.   What you’ve wasted, you’ve wasted.  What you’ve done, you’ve done.  You can’t unring a bell.



  1. It is sad…there is no making up for lost opportunities…but never late to seize new ones…as long as there is life…grab hold of everything that comes your way…never live life with regrets…we have got only one life to live…don’t waste it.

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