Posted by: rosanneromero | April 10, 2010


Someone attempting to be sagacious said: “Everything that happens to you , you have brought upon yourself by thinking it…sickness, financial lack..etc”.

Tell that to my sister in law whose son got SSPE, a deadly disease. He got it when he was four. So you mean this came upon him because at 4 years old he said “I’m going to be seriously ill”.

Say that to the relatives of the girl who was murdered and then stuffed and cemented into a drum.  They constantly thought of this possibility, they dreamed it, wished it?

Say it to the relatives of the Ampatuans who got bludgeoned to death with a buck hoe. That came upon them because they thought it in their minds —“some people are going to murder us all today”.

I wish I could have said “Say that to yourself. One of your children is deeply into drugs, and yet another one picks up fights in places of ill-repute,  and so forth and so on… Did you think those things? Did you mentally attract these bad things to you?

And say it to me. MS for 24 years now. That statement is supposed to help me? I asked for MS? I asked to be disabled and diminished in so many minute ways? I asked to be here?


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