Posted by: rosanneromero | February 3, 2010

An Incomplete List of Fears

Someone once told me that sheep are dumb that they can lose their way, or fall off a cliff as they eat grass. That sounds like me. I get so focused on a problem or a challenge and before I know it, I’ve strayed so far or fallen off a cliff.I was listing down my fears yesterday afternoon. Did so, with the intention of presenting them before God. I carefully itemized the fears and found that one fear gives birth to a few semi-fears…you know like little branches growing out of a main branch. Then came presentation time. I brought the list before God and mumbled lamely “Here are my fears which You have allowed to engulf me”… Kita mo? — may sumbat pa! And this is the sense I got…”That’s not comprehensive enough.”. Good grief. This means, there are actually many more things I should worry about and fear…if all I was concerned about was to “collect” my fears and inspect them one by one. In tagalog, kulang pa nga yung nasa listahan ko.” The important thing to keep in mind is that as sure as there are fears that threaten me, there is a God who loves me. And He’s not some puny being. He’s huge and everything is in His control. This is something I ought to hang around my neck every day.


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