Posted by: rosanneromero | January 8, 2010

Isaiah 45:9

“Woe to the one who quarrels with his maker. Should the clay say to the potter ‘What are you doing?’ (Is.45:9)  Had that verse for breakfast today.

Funny because that is what I do sometimes.  I argue and suggest a better way to do things.  Imagine an unfinished claypot telling the Potter how to do a better job.

I was irked a few weeks back (arn’t I always?) because someone said I really don’t look sick.  So this person/creature wanted to know why I was hospitalized right before Christmas.

“What was so urgent, couldn’t it have waited — you look fine!”  Hmmm, what is the proper way to respond?  Should I have pathetically said “I’m really really sick, please believe me”. How dorky.  It was then that this claypot started telling the Potter He wasn’t doing too good a job.  It also started suggesting what misfortune He could send to these people. Sigh.

I’m tired and woozy.  Some other blog. I’ll tell you another similar story.  For now, adios.



  1. Hi Rosanne, I am blessed today knowing that our GOD has sustained you all these years. We met 10 years ago during your talk at AIMS, I have your book (Amusing Grace) personally signed by you. After years of being stock in my file of books, it got my attention last December and I had a wonderful experience reading again your book. I wanted to contact you at once to know how are you doing but holiday rush made its way but tell you, YOU WERE NEVER OUT OF MY THOUGHTS. This morning, I got hold of your book again and I made no delay searching the internet for you. In my desperation, I went online counseling with KERYGMA FAMILY and I told the counselor that thoughts of your haunts me and I must really get in touch with you. I got this email from her and I will write to you in a while. For now, know that I m blessed to know how our LORD has been faithful to you and your family. You are blessing. Warm Regards.

  2. Hi Adette! Thank you for visiting this blog. Yes, you can write me at the address they gave you…i think its also used to track if there are still readers interested in what i write for kerygma. Or you can write me here…or you can write me at

    You ok? You sounded a little “down”

  3. Hello Ms. Rosanne!

    Just want you to know that i am a big fan of yours. (I’m not pulling your leg)…your honest and humble stories really inspire. You remind me of the psalmist….sometimes starting with complaints, laments, desperation, bargaining for God to move….etc…..but always end up with a prayer of hope and trust. I started reading Kerygma when i was in 1st year college (1995) after i joined CFC Youth for Christ and Christ Youth in Action. After finishing college and working for two years, i joined the Discalced Carmelites. I’m am now in 4th year theology in LST Ateneo, and God willing ma-ordain as priest next year. For more than 10 years now i’ve been looking for your book “Amusing Grace” but can’t seem to find a copy! everytime i see a shepherds voice bookstore, palaging wala na daw silang stock! sana they publish it again. Buti na lang a friend posted this blog in her facebook account kaya na discover ko na you have a blogspot pala. Just want you to know that we appreciate your efforts in writing in Keryma…. di mo lang siguro alam kung ilang tao ang nailalapit mo sa Paginoon…I pray that God continue to make you an instrument of His “Amusing Grace” God bless!


    • Hello! Thank you for dropping by the ‘blogspot’ (yun pala tawag dito) and scribbling me a note. Yes, the book is really out of print na although I was told a few National Bookstores still have a few copies. Unfortunately, Kerygma has no plans of re-publishing it. IF I find another copy, I will let you know.

      Congratulations in advance for your upcoming ordination. May He grace you to love your vocation more and more deeply.

      Again, salamat,

      PS: May I know who put this on her facebook?

  4. thank you ms rosanne.

    My friend and sister in Christ Youth in Action, Mrs. Sally Zenarosa was the one you shared this link in her facebook account. I too am planning to share this link (ok lang po ba?). I am not sure if she and her husband Alvin is serving in LIGAYA or LINGKOD.

    God bless!

  5. erratum: Mrs. Sally Zenarosa was the one WHO (not you) shared this link….hehehe

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