Posted by: rosanneromero | October 20, 2009


What do little children do when they’re scared?  They run to their mom or to their dad.  I wish I had that.

I’ve faced so many difficult and terrifying situations alone…no parent, no kuya, no ate to hide behind or help me figure things out.    It makes me wince just thinking about it.

Its hard to keep being brave when you’re sad girl really not all that brave.

It just doesn’t seem fair when I see scores of other people making babies of themselves over lesser things.

But like my friend, Loudette says — Life is like a rock.  It is hard.  Bow!



  1. Hi Roseanne, I always read and re read your blogs here. and it never fails to inspire me. I am one with you in this blog. I’ve been to so many situations in life with me alone. it’s hard. I don’t have someone to run to as well. there are things that i don’t share with my spouse bec
    I don’t want him to worry. but at the end of every difficult situation I was not actually alone. we were not actually alone. the Lord is always there for us. God bless you. please continue inspiring us with your blogs.

    • Hi Olive, sorry for unusually late response. So much going on kase plus got a bad bout of flu which kept circling and circling the house! Now, even our helper has it.

      How’s work? Kwento ka.

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