Posted by: rosanneromero | May 12, 2009

Go figure

I had a particularly rough day today and would have loved to have someone sit by me and listen well… but as usual, everyone else had more serious stuff to grapple with like problems  with the ozone layer.  Stuff like that…so its put up, or shut up.

I miss my dad times like this, because I think he’d have sat down and heard me out  till the end.  But then again,   he’s dead — so how do I know that?

You know how it is (do you?) when everyone has a turn to talk. But when it seems your turn at last, the bell rings. Oh well.



  1. I salute you again. You make me feel guilty for having to ask myself to shut up so that others can speak up!

    And I keep talking even after the bell rang.

    Honestly, most of the time I am a parrot in my prayers. And you reminded me to listen. He who has more important to say must talk more. Mhmm.

  2. Hi Catherine, this is n reply to your two posts. First, thank you for dropping by this site…second, how did you learn about it pala?

    You sound like a young mother. I, on the other hand, am an old one. I’m 53 this November.

    Don’t think I’m a better christian than you simply because I have a book. Infact, that has given me peculiar problems — the book, I mean…people think I’m special or that I’m some cum laude in the christian walk.. You should meet me, to dispel that. We should have coffee sometime.

    Yes I have an email address… You can write me there or you can write me here. Your family name is agarao?

  3. thanks, rosanne. i just sent you a mail in your amusingdaw.

  4. hi, rosanne.

    it has been a rough week for me also here in hot and sunny dubai. imagine having to look cool in every office i had to visit just so i could impress a prospect. there are times i wished i was employed…

    i heard about what one priest said about the crisis. God is always the same and the best way to reflect on the crisis is ‘Christ is’… in control. He is above all things.

    i hope we will read more from your blog. may i start directing friends to this blog starting next week?

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