Posted by: rosanneromero | March 9, 2009

Take Note

Just want all to take note that the longer articles here are articles that I wrote in past issues of  Kerygma magazine (available at bookstores nationwide.)   

The article “How to Heal” was most carefully written.  I was serious and somber,  aiming to use the article to reach out to the disease-afflicted in the whole animal kingdom.  But guess what?  I got no reaction/questions from readers about the hows, the whys and the wherefores and practical tips on health.   Zero.

 Strangely,  one part drew a couple of queries.   I wrote one teeny bit there about  a circle of friends I keep — the ones  that help me keep things in perspective.  They’re batty and irreverent and they make me laugh till my nose bubbles.  People asked me things like  — ” Who are these people? Known each other long?  How often do you meet? Cell group?  Support group? , You have a club/federation/association? etc”.

 We are many.  And no, we don’t have a club or federation —  in the strict sense of the word, that is,  because we are quite loosely organized.  All bright and of impeccable  repute. We all live and work in Mandaluyong — in one of the pavillions in a special compound there.  If you ever need a laugh, call  5319001.   Ask for anyone of these girls, Kelly, Cynch, Chunie, Bettie, Pinky. Terny June (see, one is even a lawyer!)  Alice. Or me.



  1. Rosie,
    Remember when I invited you to be a guest speakere in my Rotary Club? Kagalang galang pa naman ang mga members and it was held at the Polo Club…tapos, the CV you sent me indicated that your home address was at Pavilion 9, National Institute of Mental Health (at that time ang tawag pa nun, Mental Hospital), which, of course (stupid me), I placed in our weekly bulletin. The Rotarian who did your introduction sounded so enthusiastic when she was reading your achievements until she came to the part where you lived. All of a sudden, her voice trailed off….as in “Ms. Romero, who writes for Kerygma, lives in….(pause)….in…uh…(distressed look on the face)… ….Mental Hospital?????
    Ngayon, ginawa mo kami mga kapitbahay mo! But hey, that isn’t such a bad thing…gusto nga ni Cynch, sabay sabay tayo mamatay kasi hindi niya ma-take makipaglamay miski isa sa atin.
    Talk about mass murder and suicide!
    Aren’t we a crazy bunch?

    • Mwahahaha…that’s why I made you the nice people in my neighborhood…and don’t pretend printing my “CV” was a mistake…bet you did it on purpose. My sister in law couldn’t stop laughing ang needling me about it. And the lady (not so fat, but fatter than me) patted pa my hand gingerly before she proceeded to read the program where my CV was…and then she looked at me kind of pained and kind of nervous…and then pollitely stood up to greet another friend. Hahahaha…sana I let my mouth froth when she looked up at me.

      What a good thing not to take ourselves too seriously. Funny as it may sound —I really love us.

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