Posted by: rosanneromero | March 4, 2009

Vacation – schmacation

 I  was browsing through back issues of KERYGMA and read Bo’s article about him having taken a vacation.  He waxed on about how building sandcastles was so refreshing.   And how a vacation enables you to serve people better, blah-blah.   For some reason, I smirked and crossed my eyes.

 I tossed the magazine aside. (Tossed, as in threw; as in flung; as in hurled into space.)   This Bo is too lucky sometimes.   He’s on vacation.  

Me?Vacation, schmacation!   I happen to be up to my armpits in work and I have another maid story I know you don’t care about.   BUT! You have to allow me to vent this one out.   Otherwise I may end up weaving dainty little baskets in some home for  bewildered  52-year-olds. Hear ye.

 My two maids had a fight.   Over what – that’s another article. Anyhow, after a venomous exchange of words, Duday  gave Inday a flying kick, which sent Inday  hurtling across my kitchen floor till she slammed hard onto the refrigerator. (Ref is okay, just in case you want to know.)

 The aftermath?    Inday  decided to run home to her inay in Davao.  And, Duday?  Well, I wasn’t too keen on keeping her,  so I sent her away to the Jackie Chan Academy of Martial Arts.

The casualty?  Me.  The end of the story is, I’m alone and I have two meetings scheduled in my house this week.   I’m harassed and catty.   So I’m ending this article right here – leaving you with no points to ponder.   Adios!

Three days later…

  I’m back.  Am  still perturbed by that rosy-smosy vacation article.  But then, guess what?  Today’s Gospel comes from Matthew 6:31 where Jesus says, “Come away by yourselves to a deserted place and rest a while.”

 The priest’s homily had to do with that phrase author Steven Covey popularized – sharpening the saw. The example is a woodcutter sawing unceasingly. You know, sawing the saw to dullness.

 The Gospel showed me how out of line I’ve gotten.   The first thing Omy prays is for God to order his day.   Me,  I seldom pray that.   I get up in the morning and have a list of things to finish for the day.   After prioritizing them, I just shoot away.   As if I’m so brilliant and put together that I don’t need to ask Him to bless and order my day.

 Where I am is here.   I’m over speeding where I should be shifting gears.   No wonder that vacation article vexed me.   I just keep sawing away.   This is why relationships to me seem like tasks to get over with.   This is why, to me, people represent more things to do.   I can’t seem to see them anymore as having souls that God loves. Long sigh.

 Dear Lord, I’m tired and running on empty.   Forgive me. Slow me down, Lord.   Order my day and call me to that quiet place where You are.




  1. Maids… once I had one with a bruised neck courtesy of her colleague. Another time, one was trying to tag the other with a knife in hand. So many stories of household help. But whatever we say, great hands or inept, they are the help God sends our way perhaps to slow us down and even afford a vacation.

    My life now is stripped of maids, driver and car. There is no down time here, no afternoons with girlfriends to laugh my lungs out with. I recall in fondness life as I’ve known it for 50 years and I miss it. And because vacations are short and few these days, my rest is the bus ride to work, the bed at the end of the day and my family’s embrace. Perhaps alone time is rare for me these days but life for me continues to be beautiful— every step is a prayer, every chore a thanksgiving. I guess it’s when you have nothing that you are filled with Him who is everything.

  2. thanks for dropping by, dingaling. To all that you said: Amen

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