Posted by: rosanneromero | February 12, 2009

New At This Thing

Just thought you (anybody in the universe reading this) should know, it was my daughter who set up this site for me — on the hunch that readers of my book “Amusing Grace” might enjoy a site to talk back to me.  I, on the other hand, am new at this thing, so excuse me if I fumble about.



  1. hello there Ms. Rosanne..I really love your book “Amusing Grace”.. I had one before and I lent it to my friend so that she can read it..unfortunately it was never returned..I am wondering where can I get a copy of it.. I’ve been looking for it on different bookstore and haven’t seen any..I really want to have one again and read it all over again..I hope you can give me idea where to find one..thank you so much..

    May God bless all the work of your hands..^_^

    • Hannah? Sorry, have I replied to you? See, this is what turning 54 does. I have a blog but don’t find enough time to look through it. Since I was feeling sick today, I looked through my blog and found this. There are no more copies of the book left but I can give you one. Text me at 09186481942

      • Hi Ms. Rosanne. How are you feeling today? I hope you’re feeling well po.^_^ Talaga po? You will give me a copy? Oh wow that would be great. I’m so happy to hear that Ms. Rosanne. You know po, the moment I saw your reply kahit di ko pa po nababasa tuwang tuwa na ko. And when I’m done reading it, wow I was so happy. You’re truly a blessing. Just continue po to be an instrument of God’s amusing grace. Sige po I will text you. I really hope I can meet you in person.. ^_^

        In Christ,

        P.S. -can you sign the book po??hehe thanks

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